Pixelthugs® runs nothing but the best.

A Beowulf cluster of Gateway Pentium 60 computers donated to St. Vincent DePaul, Microsoft Windows 3.11, and MS Access 4.01 give you the versatility of a rock while providing you the speed of a dead snail.

Our NOC is in a climate controlled closet complete with a water heater and a few board games.

The NOC runs in "lights out" mode until someone replaces the bulb. Until then, our highly trained technician (my 14 year old son) navigates his way through the veritable rats nest of cables using a zippo.

We prefer to use the "unplug and pray" method of troubleshooting.

Connectivity is supplied by a high end DSL backbone and performs well when we're not in a deathmatch.
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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:
Everything you see here is © Pixelthugs® unless we say it isn't. Steal it and we will beat you with sticks. No, seriously... we mean that. Big fucking sticks! The kind that will split your thieving ass head open. Don't do it. If you can't make something yourself, then you're a dumbass. Go download AOLpress and a copy of Paint Shop Pro, then burn them to CD and shove it into the orifice of your choice (we suggest you file the edges till they're razor sharp first).