Pixelthugs® Pricing Packages.

Here's the really stupid part about Pixelthugs: We don't charge for webhosting.

Sure, we actually do host people; all banner free with no limits on bandwidth and fairly lax control over drive space. Yes, we bend over backward to keep those freeloading leeches happy and never ask for anything in return.

Why do we do it? Because we're idiots with too much free time and bad business sense.

Now.. I know what your thinking right now... "how the hell do I get on such a great host?"

You don't.

You don't bug us, you don't call us, you don't hang out on the corner near us, smoking cigarettes and trying to look cool. We find you.

If we stumble upon your crappy little geocities or anglefire page and find humor in it, there's a chance you may get an offer to move it.

But don't hold your breath.
You give, we take.  That's the way it goes.
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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:
Everything you see here is © Pixelthugs® unless we say it isn't. Steal it and we will beat you with sticks. No, seriously... we mean that. Big fucking sticks! The kind that will split your thieving ass head open. Don't do it. If you can't make something yourself, then you're a dumbass. Go download AOLpress and a copy of Paint Shop Pro, then burn them to CD and shove it into the orifice of your choice (we suggest you file the edges till they're razor sharp first).