Pixelthugs© Scam Warning!.

Ok... all fun and games asside, Pixelthugs © is a real webhosting service (kind of). This means that you will be targeted by bad faith actors from time to time. Take for example, this attempt to steal login credientials (and possibly more) that came in the other day:

The Email
This looks kind of legit, but it's not. The Pixelthugs© admin will never send you an email from the postmaster address.

This is a scam, don't do it!.

If you got this email, delete it immediately! If you clicked the links and gave them any information, contact the Pixelthgus© admin.

As always, be careful what you click on. The internet is full of buttholes who want nothing more than to pee on your day's zen.

It's dangerous out there!

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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:
Everything you see here is © Pixelthugs© unless we say it isn't. Steal it and we will beat you with sticks. No, seriously... we mean that. Big fucking sticks! The kind that will split your thieving ass head open. Don't do it. If you can't make something yourself, then you're a dumbass. Go download AOLpress and a copy of Paint Shop Pro, then burn them to CD and shove it into the orifice of your choice (we suggest you file the edges till they're razor sharp first).