Pixelthugs® offers the best in technical support.

Rather than have you call us, we insist that you figure it out yourself and quite possibly learn something along the way. After all... we didn't break it, you probably did.

If things don't work out so well on your own, and you haven't hashed network connectivity completely, you might try doing something novel, like typing your problem into google and seeing the veritable wealth of information that exists out there. Hell, if you can manage to get past the shiny and sparkly banner adds to read some of the content on thus said pages, you might be able to actually fix your own damn problem.

We realize that we're probably hoping for too much there. You're the kind of user who thinks of a computer the same way you think of a coffee pot. You don't want to know how it works, you just want to beat the keys like a primate and sit in awe at the magic of it all.

Worst case scenario... call your brothers 12 year old son. He'll have you up and running in 15 minutes flat.
We will block your number.
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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:
Everything you see here is © Pixelthugs® unless we say it isn't. Steal it and we will beat you with sticks. No, seriously... we mean that. Big fucking sticks! The kind that will split your thieving ass head open. Don't do it. If you can't make something yourself, then you're a dumbass. Go download AOLpress and a copy of Paint Shop Pro, then burn them to CD and shove it into the orifice of your choice (we suggest you file the edges till they're razor sharp first).